We invite both long- and short-form papers. These papers will be archived in ICWSM’s workshop proceedings unless authors request otherwise.

Topics include:

  • Analysis of different types of images (photos, memes, cartoons, etc),
  • Impacts of variation in image types on political mobilization,
  • Use of screenshots to circumvent platform moderation,
  • Identifying symbols of hate in online discourse,
  • Image appropriation for anti-social messaging,
  • Characterizing similar images,
  • Integrating message context with visual media,
  • Use of images across multiple platforms,
  • Images and misinformation,
  • Images as disinformation-campaign vectors, and
  • Subtle symbols embedded in images.

Papers should be submitted through EasyChair and use the AAAI author kit.

The workshop invites authors to submit three types of papers:

  • Core Researcher Papers (8+ pages)
  • Work-in-Progress Papers (<4 pages)
  • Practitioner Papers (1-2 pages)

Core research papers must contain novel, previously-unpublished material related to the topics of the workshop. Accepted papers will be presented orally and will appear in the workshop proceedings. Work-In-Progress papers are shorter and meant to describe smaller, more focused research findings or research that is still in progress. Both of these paper types undergo a rigorous peer-review process and will be archived in the workshop proceedings, unless otherwise asked by the authors.

Practitioners are also invited to submit core and work-in-progress papers, but we recognize that academic review may not be appropriate for practitioner contributions. These authors may instead submit a brief 1-2-page paper that will not be included in the proceedings. We encourage submissions describing real-world experiences and case studies of interest to the workshop audience. These submissions will be reviewed according to relevance and ability to contribute to discussions.

Awards for Best Papers and Best Posters

At the workshop, we will share awards for the best paper and best data challenge poster! We look forward to seeing your submissions and recognizing as many as we can.